About the Author

Marc Alderdice has a PhD in pharmacology and has worked in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and with contract research organizations specializing in the development of drugs used for neurological and psychiatric disorders. He has managed numerous clinical trials for experimental treatments of various medical disorders, some to test potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

Marc has also had the misfortune of dealing with the disease on a personal level when his wife, Mary, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of fifty-nine. He learned the hard way as a caregiver that living with Alzheimer’s personally is much different and much more difficult than studying it objectively. His logical scientific approaches had to be abandoned in dealing with the struggles of Mary’s, and thus his, life with Alzheimer’s.

While his knowledge of Alzheimer’s was helpful in some respects, Don’t Forget to Dance is a personal and emotional journey...and a true love story. Marc’s research background has helped his ongoing efforts to increase Mary’s happiness because he has not been hesitant to “experiment” with new methods to provide synergistic improvements for her happiness...and his own.

Marc Alderdice Author