DON’T FORGET TO DANCE was written as a relevant story to be read and enjoyed, but also to show our conquests and defeats and how we dealt with Alzheimer’s disease. While it was written about our living with Alzheimer’s, I believe many of the concepts can be applied to almost everyone’s lives in general to help ensure a happier future, regardless of what comes their way.

Based on Mary’s and my experiences presented in the book, I have developed questions that are meant to be thought-provoking with no right or wrong answers. Responses will likely vary widely. These ideas or questions could be used for discussion by Book Clubs or for individual contemplation.

This series of questions is geared towards a regular Book Club without a specific focus on Alzheimer’s disease. Questions for Support Groups are the same questions, but each has a follow-up question for readers to apply to the particulars of their Alzheimer’s journey.

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