Alzheimer’s disease is a national crisis and a global problem. Millions of people have Alzheimer’s in the United States and many more millions are affected because they care for and interact with victims of the disease in their time of need. Many seem to approach Alzheimer’s as a slow death sentence, and this becomes reflected in their attitude and interactions.

My purpose is to help provide a more positive approach for dealing with Alzheimer’s, whether for the person who is diagnosed or the many other relatives and friends, as attitudes can positively or negatively impact happiness for everyone affected. There can still be many good and happy times after a diagnosis, but it helps to be prepared, possibly even have a plan, and work at it with a different, more hopeful mindset, especially regarding expectations.

Another goal is to help people become less hesitant or fearful to interact with or visit those with Alzheimer’s, since these people need support at these times more than ever…and cannot be forgotten or ignored.

My mission is based on experience cultivated in my professional work and on my wife's and my journey reflected in my memoir, DON'T FORGET TO DANCE:  A Unique Alzheimer’s Journey – from Bizarre to Blissful. The book presents the ways in which my wife and I—both individually and together—approached life and Alzheimer's in its various stages. I feel the book illustrates ways that anyone can make meaningful positive changes to prepare for a happier life, whether an illness such as Alzheimer’s might be in the future or not.

-   Marc Alderdice, Author