Thoughts to Ponder

Don’t Forget to Dance is meant to be a relevant story to be read and enjoyed, written more in the style of a novel. It shows our conquests and defeats and how we dealt with them. It’s not meant to be a “how to” or “self-help” book. However, I believe there are many thought-provoking instances for how situations—or life in general—were handled that could apply to many in similar situations in an Alzheimer’s environment…whether as a good or bad example for each individual circumstance. I believe some of the concepts can be applied to almost anyone’s life to help ensure a happier future.

Attached are questions that are meant to be thought-provoking with no right or wrong answer. These ideas or questions could be used for discussion by Support Groups or Book Clubs, or just for individual introspection. Responses will vary widely, but even the questions should be individualized to your particular situation, as there are so many different scenarios. Not only are all Alzheimer’s patients different, but all journeys are different with the complexity of varying circumstances and people involved. These questions are for overall concepts, not by chapter, but chapters may be referenced for easy referral.

SPOILER ALERT: These questions could reveal the story line. It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the book is read first, before reading these questions.

Suggestions for better wording of questions or additional questions are welcomed. Please send suggestions to More detailed questions are also available if requested.

[NOTE: Study Questions will not be available until the book is published.]